About Us

Sacred Circle Dance Community was formed in 2004 and has grown to be the largest weekly dance in Portland, Oregon. The original format was designed by Vinn Marti, the creator of Soul Motion, as an embodiment of his Dance Ministry practice, when he left shortly after creating the dance, several dancers who fell in love with the format took over the event.

Today, a dedicated group of organizers and volunteers continue to create this spiritually-based community dance on Sunday mornings, and expanded it in early 2014 to include an weekly Thursday night dance called Dance Temple at another location. Both dances serve as a testament to the power of collaboration and sharing a clear vision in serving the dancers needs first. Our DJ's are dedicated to create a deeply meaningful and high quality dance journey for every dancer on the floor.""

We invite you to join us at the Tiffany Center downtown, every Sunday for a light-filled morning of bare-foot dance, art, and sound. Everyone is welcome – any age, any ability – to dance and be part of creating our sacred dance space. 

And every Thursday evening we invite you to come and begin your wind-down for the weekend with a juicy and replenishing dance in the Dance Temple at SomaSpace where you can sink into your skin and refresh your soul.

What to bring to dance?

  • a water bottle (water fountain is available onsite)
  • comfortable loose fitting clothes
  • non-street dance shoes if needed
  • cash or card for entry amount ( children dance for free)
  • a simple snack (Sunday morning) or something to share (Thursday evening)
  • friends, family, and of course - yourself!

What not to bring to dance?

  • valuables (this is a public space)
  • animals (service dogs excepted - but it is loud, please plan for your companions comfort and safety)
  • fragrances natural or otherwise

This is a free form dance, you create the experience by how you engage with your body, with other dancers and with the music. There are no set moves, just be safe and kind to your body and respectful those around you and most importantly - have fun.

This is a great space to practice being unabashedly in your body.