Sacred Circle Dance
Ecstatic Dance in Portland, Oregon

A brief history of Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle Dance Community was started in 2004 by a group of dancers who had met at Vinn Marti's Body Moves studio in Portland, Oregon. When the studio closed, and Vinn stopped teaching classes, we decided to keep dancing together.

From a dozen of us in the tiny North Star ballroom, we eventually grew to 250+ dancers weekly. We developed our own approach to music, trained dozens of DJs (and hosted some great ones from outside our community), built amazing altar spaces in our huge ballroom, donated to good causes. Over the years, we've also connected an online community of dancers, using our FB group (6k members) and our listserv (2.5k members).

When Covid hit in 2020, we had to take our dance online, keeping our community connected with weekly dance on Zoom. Now that outdoor events have started to re-open, we've started to meet in-person again, at our all-weather outdoor space at the Rigler School field, which we've reserved for the whole summer of 2021. In the fall, we're hoping to be able to return to our Sunday home at the Tiffany Ballroom in downtown Portland.