Ecstatic Dance in Portland, Oregon

Our DJs



"I started as a dancer and grew into being a DJ. ... My music is less about the styles involved, more about storytelling and creating spaces for dancers to explore."



"I am an Embodyologist. My mission is to get people beautifully and completely into their bodies... Even more than simply creating, it's about being creative about creating...this is my favorite place to be! ... Deepen Your Groove!!!!!!!"



Felix along with Genia is one of the founding DJ's of Sacred Circle Dance. He brings a deeply heartfelt journey to the dance floor.

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"I've always been a dancer and believe in its powerfully transformative and healing qualities. For me, creating musical experiences for others feels like a deeply spiritual calling, for when words fail us, up rises the dance." 



K├Žllum (KAL-UM) conjures a fusion of cultures, both ancient and modern. He blends driving bass lines and rhythms with traditional instruments, vocals, and musical scales sampled from across our planet. His organic-electronic sounds amplify his wish to connect communities with the world’s palette through music, movement, and dance.



Anna has been dancing and exploring the world of ecstatic dance for over 16 years. ~ Dance to enliven the soul and become present in the body! ~

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"I have been dancing and putting story to music since I was big enough to move my body and hold a tape recorder in my hand. I believe that music and movement is powerful medicine. I draw upon my lived experience, my world travels, and my practice as a somatic healer to create eclectic, high vibrational sound journeys that reconnect us to our primal rhythms and our bodies’ inner wisdom."